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Clinical Consultation Group

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​Tuscaloosa Psychological Services (TPS) is offering a free clinical consultation group to local providers in an effort to support and develop local mental health access. The purpose of this group is twofold:

1.  To provide a space for local mental health professionals to consult on cases with colleagues. 

2.  To share information collaboratively related to the process of establishing and maintaining a successful mental health practice. 


Having established an independent practice, we are open to sharing our knowledge with those seeking to create their own business and with those who already maintain practices. We believe that learning from each other regarding business and clinical practices will help practitioners in Tuscaloosa and have a positive impact on the community in general. 

Please subscribe below if interested and we will send you an email with scheduling information.

Interested in the Consultation Group?

Either submit your information here or contact us directly below. 


Thanks for submitting!

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