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Rates & Insurance

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Tuscaloosa Psychological Services (TPS) is not in network with any insurance providers. Patients pay TPS and then may file for reimbursement from their health insurance. We provide what is often called a “superbill,” or a very detailed receipt, that informs the health insurance company of the services provided. Our patients submit this to their insurance company and the insurance company then directly reimburses the patient.


A large portion of the total assessment fee is often reimbursed by insurance. Many employers also provide a Health Savings Account (FSA/HSA) which covers out-of-pocket expenses and services not reimbursed by insurance. Contact your HR department to check on this.

Frequently Asked Questions


Is it complicated to file an insurance claim?

It can feel daunting at first, but often patients find that the process is simpler than they thought it would be! If you’re unsure how to start, calling your insurance company can clarify the information that they need and their rates.

Do I pay all at once?

Testing: Generally, payment is broken into three steps:

  1. A non-refundable deposit of $250 using a credit card is required to schedule an intake. 

  2. Second payment is half of the quoted price, minus the deposit. This will be due at the first testing appointment.

  3. The final payment is the remaining balance due at the feedback session.

Other payment plans may be available to you. Please ask us for more details.


Individual Therapy: Payment for the individual session can be made after the session in our office or we can send you an invoice.

How much does a psychological assessment usually cost?

Our assessments are tailored specifically to the person and the diagnostic question. A typical comprehensive ADHD assessment is about 9 hours of total time. This includes: 1-hour intake with client, 3-hours testing with client, 4-hours scoring/interpreting/writing, and 1-hour feedback session with client. Our hourly testing rate is $200. This brings the average assessment cost to $1800. 

Psychological assessments for other psychological conditions could cost more or less. There will be no surprise fees. After the intake, we will go over the cost and procedures and provide you with a written estimate.

If you’d like further information about your rights under federal law, please visit:

How much does individual therapy cost?

Individual therapy is $195 per session. This can be paid at the end of each session or by invoice.

Dr. Beavers is accepting one new patient at the reduced hourly rate of $150 hourly. 

How does reimbursement work for individual therapy?

 After the session, we will provide you with a detailed “superbill” which you can send to your insurance company. They will then reimburse you directly. 

We can explain this process in more detail during one of our free phone consultations. 

Helpful links for further information and resources:

Fair Health Consumer Cost Estimates: 

Model Disclosure Notice Regarding Patient Protections Against Surprise Billing: 

Check your individual insurance company’s website or call them. Most of them have a page with instructions on how to file a claim and they can answer any questions about which services they cover and out-of-network rates.

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